Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Beep in the Night

Riddle me this:

What purpose does texting someone of the opposite sex at midnight serve?  What could possibly be so pressing that you want to start a conversation* via text at midnight?  I can think of several reasons, most of them on par with "up to no good."

Answers?  Do you do this?

*The most common offender texts usually contain, "Hey!" or, "What's up?" After 11pm?  Really? 


Janell said...

I once had someone start doing this to me. I think it was a product of boredom. The first night, I responded for a few texts. On the subsequent nights, I just started ignoring them. It wasn't a trend I appreciated. When a "Why don't you respond?" text arrived. Then I explained why I didn't respond, and they ceased.

S.R. Braddy said...

The nice thing about texts is that they really don't demand an urgent response. Late night texters can safely be ignored until the next morning.

Katie Robertson said...

Sometimes a thought comes to mind really late at night, especially on nights when I don't get off work until 11:30. In my head it doesn't seem that late so I text people without thinking. I don't mind being ignored until the next morning. Random conversation starters though? Not so much. That's weird. My invasive midnight texts are usually things that I know I won't remember the next day.

Elizabeth said...

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