Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Friend Requests

I have over a dozen friend requests sitting in my Facebook account.
The guy who talked at me at a party for five minutes whom I only told my first name. 
The girl I haven't seen since I was twelve.
The creeper who must have seen my photo from a mutual friend and requested me.
The guy from my home town who apparently knew me in high school and I have no idea who he is.
Someone from my family ward in Ohio who clearly knows me and watched me grow, but with whom I have never spoken.

You know the story.
And I feel bad for not adding them...for leaving them in limbo.
But not bad enough.


miss kristen said...



It gives me a feeling of control in a world full of chaos.

besides you don't know them anyway. Clearly.

I only worry that they'll facebook stalk me and try adding me again-it's happened to me once or twice and THAT'S awkward.

Willem said...

You should give some a chance.

I must admit i`ve just started reading a couple of your posts and you seem to love this whole blog thing but don`t feel bad if your interactions with them will just be for the sake of it. This is why i don`t have a facebook account.
It`s a bit like being famous lol you don`t get to choose who likes you

Larissa said...

I have no legit reason to feel this way, but I feel like a blog is a knowingly public forum that I WANT stalked on. My Facebook is more private to me and I don't have anyone on my account there whom I haven't actually met. Strange, I know - especially because it really isn't all that personal...

Anonymous said...

I finally deleted all the friends I added because I felt bad ignoring them, and i have easily denied friend requests to such people since then. If we're not friends in real life, we're not friends on FaceBook. I have tried to keep my friends to below 250- can I really be that close with more people than that? Anyway, there's no shame in denying a friend request if you're not really friends because some people will add any and all acquaintance just to bump up their friend number- they probably won't even notice if you don't accept them.

Willem said...

Its that you don`t want to hurt their feelings i`d guess you seem like a nice person. Getting accepted as a friend on someone`s facebook could be meaningless to some people to others could mean quite a lot depending on how much they interact socially.