Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dreams: Noise Complaints and Wormy Teeth

I bet you are all wondering about now if I take some special "weird dream inducing" supplement - nope.

Saturday Night
My downstairs neighbor came up to tell me that my party was too loud.  I looked around the room and there were eight people - 1/3 as many as I usually have - and we were actually being quite quiet.  I asked the man why he chose now to come and complain because he never has before.  He didn't have an answer for me and began to look kind of depressed.  I asked him if it would help him feel better and stop his complaints if we invited him to the parties from then on.  He nodded in agreement, seeming excited about the proposition.
In reality I have a female downstairs neighbor whom has never complained about my parties.

Monday Night
I smiled and noticed that my front right tooth was majorly chipped and jagged like a mountain range.  I wondered how all my friends could have let me smile so sincerely with a smile so wretched.  Then I realized my teeth were like thousands of hard clear worm-like things that needed caps on the ends of them to keep them solid instead of worms and the caps on my two front teeth had fallen off.
Gross. I haven't been able to stop running my tongue across my teeth all morning, just to make sure it was only a dream.

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