Monday, February 28, 2011


I am a girl.  (Surprise!)

I have long, golden locks that, on average, shed 50-100 hairs per day.  (Thanks, Google)

I have a bathroom sink that likes to chomp up my hairs until it is so full it can no longer drain.

I have a need for Draino.

On my trip to Target (snaps!) this weekend, I was standing in the cleaning supplies aisle, pondering what sort of measures to take on the clogged drain.

A clearly elderly woman practically ran up to me, grabbed some toilet cleaner and loudly proclaimed (although I was the only one in the aisle), "This seems too good to be true.  I wonder if it will ring up this price."  The only problem was the cynicism in her voice - the clear disdain - the kind that comes from years of mistrust of the world.

I am generally a friendly person, especially to the chatty, older crowd.  They do make you laugh, don't they?  But this one, this one...
I just didn't know what to say - I looked at her, holding my Target brand drain cleaner, trying to reassure her that I see three price tags that all indicate the same price, so I am sure she would be fine.  But nothing came out.  I probably looked like a bug standing there big-eyed, mouth agape.

As she walked away, I realized: I hope I never become so cynical that I proclaim my mistrust to strangers and don't believe the prices clearly posted in the grocery store.  I hope I am able to keep my trust for humanity.  And Target.


Janell said...

I see prices ring up incorrectly frequently enough that it merits the effort to watch the prices that ring up. I'm not so cynical to believe that those errors are intentional.

Larissa said...

Oh yeah, me too:-)
This woman actually already had the item in her cart and ran over to me as if she were warning me - she seemed convinced it wouldn't ring up the price posted. The more ironic part was she had a two-pack, but had she looked, buying 2 individuals was actually about 20 cents cheaper.

Miss Megan said...

A-MEN! I am trying to believe in the best in people and corporations. After all, for all the bad there's an equal amount of good SOMEWHERE, isn't there?