Thursday, February 17, 2011

Straw Game

I love to play the straw game.

I am immediately 8 years old again.

I talk those around me into participating simply because there is no way to hide the ridiculous excitement and immaturity I have for this game.  A couple of weeks ago I was at dinner with friends and, upon hearing my name, I turned to look.  Three of them were holding their straw wrappers in position, waiting for me to join in the game.

The rules?
1. Tie a straw wrapper in a loose knot
2. Rapidly pull on both ends of the wrapper
3. If the knot comes undone, someone is thinking about you. If the knot stays in, no one is thinking about you.
4. Giggles and delight ensue, even if you lose - it is just fun!


Chris Ellison said...

I heard it the other way around. If the not is untied, means no one is thinking about you. If it remains a knot, someone is thinking about you. Also, if the wrapper breaks right at the knot, it means it's a bad though.

Anonymous said...

Good games, I always play mind games here because it good for my brain