Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Why is it that all of the controversy and hullabaloo over "Mormon" rumors just amuses me?

I recently read a blog by a "friend of another faith" who is fascinated, in a good way, with "Mormon Mommy Blogs."  As much as the article interested me, I saw "Comments 316" and my heart started to pound with excitement: "This is going to be good."

And I was right.  Not even five comments in, I saw someone posting a novel passionately declaring that LDS folks do not practice polygamy.

Every time something new hits the media regarding anything to do with the LDS faith that is not issued directly through the Church, there is a hail storm of violent verbal and written objection from defenders of the faith.  I'm surprised I haven't heard more regarding "The Book of Mormon the Musical."

I've probably confused some of you.  Why does this craziness amuse me?

Just live the faith.  Live it.  Be an example.  Show people the Christ-like love and joy inside of you that has come from the gospel.  Having an online spat with some overly-opinionated anonymous commenter on someone's blog isn't really going to do anything but give you an anxiety attack and the commenter a smug, self-satisfied smirk.


Me said...

YES!!!!!!!! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Lead by example. I have tried to follow this simple motto most of my life. (Yes there have been times that I have endured momentary moments of weakness). But since my son has blessed my life, I have taken a simple poem, "A Little Fellow Follows Me", and have applied it. Can you believe it...he gets baptized this year.
Back to topic...thank you for putting it so simple..and like you, I too am very much amused to listen and read these "debates". Once again you have explained it all.

miss kristen said...

I get angry when blatant ignorance--not simple unlearned-ness-is involved. Simply because it's plain disrespectful. Don't shoot your mouth off about something you don't know or understand. In those cases I will correct them and refer them to the Church's website. other than that I'm right with you. People are dumb and don't realize they are just adding fuel to the fire.

Marianne & Clayton said...

The link to your friend's blog doesn't work. Just as well, I get too riled up over this kind of stuff and have to force myself not to read it. Otherwise I am fuming at 2 AM with no good recourse.

Larissa said...

Huh - the link totally works for me!
Here is the URL:

I don't know this blogger, I just lovingly referred to her as a "friend of another faith." But, hey, I'd love to be friends with her!