Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wicked Divas

How often do you get to meet the lady for whom Stephen Schwartz wrote the song "Defying Gravity" from the legendary musical, "Wicked?" 

Thanks to my amazing friend, a group of us had that opportunity this weekend.  We sat in the third row, fully equipped with goosebumps and goofy grins.  After the show, not only did we get to meet the lovely Stephanie J. Block and Julia Murney, both of whom starred as "Elphaba" on Broadway, but we also got to meet conductor Jerry Steichen.  He came up to chat with us (it pays to know people) and shared with us the little tidbit I had not previously known regarding Mr. Schwartz writing "Defying Gravity" for none other than Stephanie J. Block.  Aside from dishing for us, he was real and made me laugh...a lot...earning himself a place high on my "awesome people" list.

You know who else is on my "awesome people" list?  The gang from this photo.  What a night - embedded forever in my memories.

Me, Chris K., Julia Murney, Leah J., Melissa S., Stephanie J. Block, Jon S., Jesse C.

You know what else?  I walked into the lobby of the architecturally amazing Abravanel Hall and saw....

ME!  So cool! 


miss kristen said...

You're FAMOUS!!

But you didn't dish who he wrote the song for...

Larissa said...

Fixed! Stephanie J. Block - she was the one who workshopped "Wicked" for the years until it opened on Broadway.