Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Small Mormon World

I received a text message from an unknown number Friday night at 10pm: "Kennewick, Washington Mission."

My friend in P-town, Venom, had posted on Facebook about a friend who got a mission call that night, so I asked her if she changed her number and if this was someone I was supposed to know.  Nope.

So I texted mystery person and inquired as to his/her identity.

The response was "Carey are you losing it? This is Joe."

I wrote back, "This is Larissa, not Carey, this has been my # for 10 years, but a friend of mine has a friend who got his mission call to Kennewick @ 10pm Friday 2 - Tyrel!"

And the response I got back?

"Did you say your friend's friend is Tyrel? If so, who is your friend? Tyrel is my son."

I told the man my friend's name and he wrote back, "She is my next door neighbor."

What a very small Mormon world!


Vanessa Swenson said...

Yes, it was fairly outlandish.
I still can't believe it.

Nichole Payne said...

You know what is even smaller about the world?? You know someone who grew up in the Kennewick, Washington Mission. Let Tyrel know to watch out for the ghettos, and be prepared for lots of fresh fruit.

Larissa said...

I know more people than just you from Kennewick, Mission! I know people from actual Kennewick!