Friday, February 18, 2011

How Does it Feel?

Everyone always asks the cliche question, "How does it feel to be x years old?"

What kind of question is that? Am I supposed to feel different than yesterday?

I woke up the morning of my big 3-0, back in September, feeling quite as congested and voiceless as the day before, kitty snuggled up to me as she is every morning, the sun streaming in, all accompanied by the sound of the babbling brook. Yes, the same wonderful way I wake up every day (without the congestion).

I looked in the mirror. Three strange thoughts occurred.
  1. Huh. I actually look pretty good without any makeup on. Kinda young and fresh-faced.
  2. Thirty? This is what thirty looks like? I've pictured thirty a lot of times throughout my years and I never pictured thirty like this. I look good!
  3. Wow. This is way better than twenty. Way.

You all know I'm far from conceited and practically cry every time someone gives me a sincere compliment, so please take the above statements with a grain of salt.

I'd somehow always pictured thirty as "old." Where are my wrinkles? The bags under my eyes? The shrinking lips? The expanding waist line? Grey hairs? Sagging anything? Spider-veins or weird spots on my legs? Non-existent.

When I was 24, the movie Thirteen Going on Thirty hit the screens. As totally vulnerable to pop culture as it may be, "thirty, flirty, and thriving" was permanently seared into my conscience. I always wondered, "Will I be?"

The answer is "YES!" an emphatic "YES!!!!"

And for your viewing pleasure, some photos of me through the decades.

Does anyone else find it disturbing that my mother put a breast-feeding child in a shirt labeled, "Mom's Bosom Buddy?"
10 - Idaho (Yes, that really is me.  Laugh it up.)
13- Freshman in High School
17 - Prom
20 - Dallas/Ft. Worth

22 - Cincinnati Reds game
24 - Grand Canyon
25 - summit of Nebo

29 - Bye Bye Birdie
30 - Christmas Family Photos


Janell said...

Thank you for remarking that the "bosom buddy" t-shirt was disturbing because, yes, I agree with you.

You were a cute kid, and you're definitely one of those lucky people who get better with age. In every photo you looked even better than the one before! (I am ignoring your 10 year old photo. That one's just awkward.)

Happy Birthday!

miss kristen said...

well I think you were cute at 10--WAY less awkward than I was...

And WOW. you are like a fine wine my friend.

I didn't feel any different at 30 either. I find it's easier to gauge in increments rather than each year- Them:"how does thirty feel?"
Me: "about the same as 25 minus some late-night stamina..."

miss kristen said...

Oh and the bosom buddy shirt--yeah...hilarious as hell, but AWKWARD.

I realize it's a pop-culture thing, but STILL.

S.R. Braddy said...

That shirt'd be more awkward on a thirty-year-old...

Willem said...

Thanks for giving this insite to your life. You seem to be growing in confidence and are always cute in those photos. I think you`re making yourself in a way... in ways more graceful, i believe some people control this subconsciously.

Happy Birthday

Are you really a virgo? im sure thats on one of your entries

Larissa said...

Yep, I'm a Virgo - I did post about that. Still a Virgo even if the world accepts the changes to the astrological chart.

And I like being compared to a fine wine - my mere presence is intoxicating! hehe:-)