Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Driver's License

In the great state of Ohio, we get our driver's license's at the standard age of 16.

By the time I hit 16, I'd been driving a riding lawn mower for a good 4 years.  Yes, laugh at that mental image.  I'm a corn-fed farm girl.

One cold, December day, my dad forced me to go take my test.  I bawled the entire fifteen-minute drive.  I was scared to death.  Why?  I did not want to be responsible for injuring someone in an accident, ever.  That redhead forced me to get my license.

Of course I passed with flying colors, but how many 16-year-old's do you know who have to be forced to get their license and then cry the entire way?

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Chism said...

I understand the emotions. I completed my Drivers Education course, and 2 years later I finally got my license.

Driving was just a little too frightening for me at the time.