Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

My father is a sap. I know exactly what strings to pull to prompt fatherly tears from his twinkling hazel eyes.

All growing up, Valentine's Day* was special in our home.  Dad would buy all his girls flowers and tell us how much he loves us. When I went away to college, he would mail me a check and tell me to go buy myself flowers and a treat for me and my roommates.

This morning, I woke up to a little, "Beep Beep Beep!" - a text from my dad, "Happy Valentine's Day to my wonderful daughters! I love you! Dad."

I never understand the bitterness and depression people choose to feel on this wonderful day to express your love for all of those with whom you share your life.  I even gave my little kitty an extra squeeze this morning.

Perhaps many of you are in the same boat as I, with no "someone special" with whom to spend this day.  As I write, I find myself biting my tongue.  Every person in my life is someone special.  This evening I am spending time with two of my dearest friends (and of course Gym).  I've made plans for four other nights this week with others I love tremendously.

A darling man I adore recently said to me, "I don't need a certain day designated to tell my significant other how much I love her - the healthy relationship I want will have love and romance every day."  Yeah, his hotness factor went way up with that comment.  Let us apply that all around - I want my friends and family to know I love them every day, but I do like having an excuse to treat them extra sugary and spicy and everything nicey.

Some of my friends clearly, and thankfully, feel the same way as I.  Upon leaving for work, I opened my door to discover two white tulips, a medium-sized Hershey Kiss (the closest I've ever received to the thing I'm still holding out for - my dream-come-true BIG Hershey's Kiss some Valentine's Day), and a super-hero valentine with a crunch bar.  They know the strings to pull those tears right outta my wee hazel peepers, just like my daddy.

Happy Valentine's Day - to all my someone special's out there!!!

*For all those who believe Valentine's is a "Hallmark Holiday," - I didn't realize the company was so old!  Shakespeare writes dialogue in Act 4 Scene 5 of Hamlet for Ophelia in regards to St. Valentine's Day.


Julie said...

You are a doll. There's nothing better than having something on your doorstep! So lucky. Happy Valentine's Day! Love you lots!!

Unknown said...

Valentine's Day has always been a day for me to express love to everyone I know as well. Especially from all the men in my life, not just significant others.