Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Larissa-isms: Weird Words

We all have words we've made up over the course of time. You know, those weird expressions we plan on using to totally annoy our children some day.*  Some even qualify as "mormon swears,"  which gives me this rebellious, potty-mouth feel like I'm actually swearing.

Some of my personal favorites/creations?

Crapdoggy:  You use this expression when something goes foul.
Example: Crapdoggy!  That hurts!

Poo on a stick:  Most typically utilized upon feeling unhealthy.
Example:   Man, I really feel like poo on a stick.  

Mc-,-son: I was onto the quality of "Mc" way before Grey's Anatomy...I remember utilizing this as far back as '99 with then roommate Rachel.
You use these to add humor and impact to what you are saying.
Example: (after a large meal) I feel like a Fatty McFatFat with a shake and fries!
Example: Why are you upset, PoutyMcPouterson?

-ify, -ariffic, -anator, -iosity:  I add these, and others, to the ends of words/names to make them seem more pertinent.
Example: Shaylariffic, Jonanator
This cookie is could totally fatify me.
You are so fantastariffic.
This cookie is total deliciosity.

*My mother uses the phrase,"Oh horsefeathers," all. the. time.


Unknown said...

Love this. Words I love saying:


Jon introduced wagnabbitz to me...love that one.

All three words to be substituted with anything really, whenever you want.

Jon said...

Thanks for the shout out!