Tuesday, December 13, 2011

To Trust

"Never trust a woman.  More importantly, never trust a man."
A friend of mine posted this quote awhile back.  While I understand the intent is humorous, it saddens my heart a little.  
I like to think I am a very trustworthy woman.  I also like to think that there is a man out there with whom I can trust my life.  In fact, I know it. 
Yes, my trust has been violated by men and women I love.  I have been hurt to the point of wondering if I ever could trust again.  Yet, we are all blessed with a remarkable capacity to love.  We can choose to stay static, dwelling on the hurt and betrayal, or we can choose to move forward full of hope that we will be able to surround ourselves with those who will cherish us as we all deserve.  
I think back on my days in gymnastics.  I never would have progressed in my skills if I hadn't trusted my coach.  He gave me all the little tips I needed to prepare and trust in myself as much as I could, but that first time he asked me to jump in the air and flip backwards at break-neck speed/height, I needed him.  I could not do it alone and had to trust that he would be there to catch me if I fell.  If I didn't trust, I never would have learned to do a back tuck.  If I fell once and refused to try again?  Same story - I never would have progressed.
We can do great things alone, but together we can accomplish so much more.  
Trust.  Be trusted.  It's worth it.


Willem said...

It's myself I need to trust more.

Shayla said...

wow how did I get so behind on your blog?! Luckily, I've heard most of this in person! I just read through 3 pages. I hate busy season. :( But I love YOU!!