Thursday, December 22, 2011

5th Annual "A Christmas Story" Pajama Party

Saturday the 10th was my 5th annual A Christmas Story pajama party.  And boy was it a hit!

The day before the event, I received a distressed call from my co-host, whose home at which we were having the soiree.  His grandmother had passed away and his entire family was coming into town.  There is no way you can predict this kind of tragedy and I reassured him that I'd figure it out and not to worry.  Enter Jacob.  He, upon hearing of my situation, gladly offered his home up and baked brownies.  Really, there is no way to repay someone for such a kind, selfless act.

I think the photos speak for themselves, way too much sugar, way too many pizzas, definitely not way too many friends.  All the people I love were in and out with such frequency that I had no time to take pictures once the guests started arriving.  Too bad, my red polka-dot PJs were adorable:-)

Buying Christmas gifts for people is a little overwhelming these days, so with the exception of a few, in place of buying gifts, I throw this party and feed everyone.  Clever, no?

Some have asked, "Why A Christmas Story?"

Because I grew up watching that movie with my family at Christmas time.  Because it is hilarious.  Because it was filmed in Cleveland very near to where my mother grew up and to where I spent most of my Christmases.  Because it is absurd.  Because it has a leg lamp.  I argue it does not get much better than such.

I hope each of your Christmas stories are just as wonderful this holiday season!

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