Friday, December 2, 2011

Spacing Issues

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Have you ever worn a winter coat and found yourself running into things because you are not accustomed to the extra bulk?

What about adding another person in bulk?  Gets a little tricky, right?

You see, I am used to walking alone.  And I am quite small.

When I went to New York last May with Keri and Megan, I'd be walking along, darting through the crowd, not paying attention to anything except moving forward.  Then, I'd turn around.  No Keri.  No Megan.  I'd see them 1/2 block behind me trying their darndest not to lose the lil sneak.  I apparently bite the big one at accommodating for others' space.

Recently, I found myself walking alongside another individual quite larger than myself and found myself feeling crowded.  Before asking said individual why the heck they were invading my space so much, I looked around and realized I wasn't giving them any space.  It was me or the items on the shelves in the store.  I guess I am nicer to run into.

Anyway, one day, when I have someone who is perma-walking next to me, I hope he is patient with me and my spacing crisis.

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