Friday, December 23, 2011

What the Dickens?

Karen and Daniel and I decided to venture to The Dickens Festival at the Utah State Fairgrounds to support our friend Amber who was playing the Ghost of Christmas Past in their production of A Christmas Carol.  I had several other friends - Megan Tholen, Chris Kennedy, etc. - who were part of this event, so that triply worked out for me. 

The festival is fun, although it really isn't as "Old English" as you'd expect.  I felt bamboozled the first time I went.  Labeling a vendor's booth "Ye Olde Purse Shoppe" does not make it more authentically old English.  Daniel was happy just to have his turkey leg, Karen was happy to be supporting her friends, and I was happy just for the thrill of it all.  

The thing that really got to me about our little trip was the Ghost of Christmas Future.  I don't know what it was about this thing, but it gave me the goose flesh.  I snapped a picture of it going down stairs.  My best guess is that it is a man on stilts, wearing a skeleton mask and long skeletal fingers.  The photo below is at a funny angle, but creepy ghost man is truly feet taller than the woman next to him.  The bewildered looks on the faces of the people coming up those stairs?  Yeah, genuine.  And I would have been turning around and running the other direction.  Seriously creeped be right out.

What the Dickens?!

So super creepy

Brings a whole new meaning to "Looking at a woman like a piece of meat."  Don't mess with Daniel and his Turkey Legs.

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j said...

I would have said it brings a whole new meaning to "looking at a piece of meat like a woman". :)