Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Curly Hair

I have naturally wavy hair.  This has meant that I can style my hair however I would like and it obeys, but it has to be styled straight or curly or frizzed or whatever it is.  Left to its own vices, you get this weird hybrid of curly, straight, wavy, frizzy, smooth - it is strange to say the least, but very pony-tail friendly.

In all of my performing years, I've had to curl these hairs hundreds of times.  Hot'n'Steamy steam curlers have been there through it all with me.  As of late, they curlers have fallen apart to say the least.  But my days of curly hair are not numbered.  

Because of the dirty-sounding name (yeah, you know you thought it), I daren't Google the brand of curlers I'd been utilizing, but I did manage to find replacements under the Caruso brand.

In honor of all of the time these curlers dedicated to making sure I never straightened out my life, I took a memorial photo.

May they rest in peace.

1 comment:

Miss Megan said...

It cracks me up that you didn't want to look up the old curlers' brand because of the name. It's a little sad we have to think that way!

Those curlers rocked -- your hair always looks awesome. Hope the new ones are are rockin'!