Thursday, December 8, 2011

You are ALL Winners!

I may or may not have been cornered by two of my lovely blog readers last night and asked, "Hey, so when are you going to announce the winner of your little contest?"

Touche.  I seriously have been so busy I, um...ran out of time.

Some of the items in question for the contest have since been returned.  You know how when sizes are out of stock in the store so you order online and then it really isn't as cute as you dreamed it would be?  And then you realize you spent $500 and probably shouldn't have?

Yep, so there is your answer.  I spent $500.

I'm still debating about returning the two dresses I got for $65 each that originally retailed for $250 each.  What was that I said?  Yep, the two items with an original retail price that totaled just about what I spent were the green and the navy identical dresses from Anthropologie.  They are adorable sans cardigan, but with a cardigan?  I need someone else's opinion- I can't get the full picture myself. 

That perfume you all thought was so expensive?  $55 bottle for $15.  Go me.

The black and white coat?  $120 for $20.  I love Tulle brand coats and occassionally does these ridiculous blow-outs with free shipping.  I'm in love with new coat.

Pink coat got returned - it thunderized my thighs in a way I never thought possible, this coming from a former gymnast.  Gotta love when people say, "Ohhh, you used to be a gymnast!  That's why you have such thick legs."  Um?  How is that okay?

The riding boots?  Two-for-one!  I wasn't fully convinced boots from a place called "Shoe Carnival" would be the party they imply (does anyone else smell popcorn when I say the word "carnival?"), but I love 'em!  Super toasty for the toesies and adorable -  I get compliments every time I wear 'em.

What does all this rambling nonsense mean?

WINNER: Janell is the closest, actually having said, "$500," but officially guessing under that.  She also gets snaps from me (really, I don't snap at people, it just flowed in the sentence as a diversion from the word "props") for identifying Anthropologie items.

WINNERS: The thing is, I want ALL of you who entered - Jeff, Aaron S, GingerStar, Janell, StephanieF, MeganS, Jersey, and JonS - to guest post!

Are you in?  Please say yes!  I follow all of your blogs because I love your writing.  I'd love some of that magic here on Larissaexplainsitall.  Maybe then I'd have to change the title to Larissandherfriendsexplainitall? 

What do my readers want to read about?  Good question!  I'm going to go with, "you!"  Some things I know for sure they are interested in is:  Funny random stories, dating, anything theater, fitness stories/struggles/conquerings, and inspirational stories.  You can bounce ideas off of me if you like, but the sky is the limit, folks!

You can e-mail your posts to the address in the "contact me" tab above.

I can't wait!!!


Aaron said...

Count me in! I'm gonna have to come up with something awesome for this guest post...

Larissa said...

WAHOO! I was beginning to wonder if I'd done something that magically hid this post cause no one had responded.
I can't wait!

Janell said...

Yay for snaps - finally all my Anthropologie browsing has paid off ^-^

I can be in, but I fear I cannot provide wit and entertainment enough. I am the person who hasn't updated her blog in a month, and barely written much this week. I shall give myself a week to see if I can come up with anything worthy :)

Larissa said...

Even if ya'all wanna re-post your favorite entry on your own blog, I'm totally cool with that! said...

I'm in! Give me a few days to figure out what I'm gonna write about. :)

Unknown said...

for sure!

Miss Megan said...

Somehow I missed that I need to RSVP! I'm in, just give me some time to think about what I want to say...