Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wrong Number

Does anyone even listen to voicemail messages anymore?  I don't mean the ones you leave on others' phones, but when you call a phone and hear their voicemail before you leave a message.  Do you listen to those?

Clearly there are a couple of people out there whose friends don't.  Those same people don't know their cell phone numbers.  How do I know?  Their friends keep calling me.  They keep leaving really personal messages regarding health issues and work schedules and patients and church duties.  What part of a little boy saying, "Please leave a message for Aunt Rissy" do you not understand?

I have received so many wrong number calls that I have changed my voicemail message to state my full name very clearly, then say, "Again, you have reached..."  But I'm wondering if it will work.  After all, "Aunt Rissy" sounded nothing like the name of the people they were calling and leaving messages for.* 

What say you?  If you call a phone and the message states a different name than who you think you are calling, do you still leave a message?

*I have started texting these folks and letting them know they have a wrong number.


Aaron said...

I usually make sure I recognize the voice. If I don't, and I've missed focusing on the name in the message, then I hang up and call again and really listen to the message to be sure.

S.R. Braddy said...

In my experience, voice mail messages are FREQUENTLY wrong.

Janell said...

There was once a woman who was leaving frequent messages on my voicemail. Business updates, mostly. Occasionally, "I'm here. Where are you?" or "Why aren't you answering your phone?" I can't recall the name the woman was addressing, but it was far removed from mine. I considered calling her back and saying, "Oi. What about "Hi, this is First Name Middle Name Last Name," do you not understand? Instead, I just ignored the calls.

On the other side, I HATE voicemail greetings that do not indicate whose voicemail I've reached.