Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sitting On Santa's Lap

How old is too old to sit upon Santa's knee? 

I don't worry about the answer to these types of questions when I see an authentic-looking jolly old Saint Nicholas.  I just smile and tell Santa my Christmas wishes.

This year, Megs and I went to This is the Place for their Candlelight Christmas celebration.  On our way out, they asked if we wanted to talk to Father Christmas.  YES!  Megs was a little more hesitant than I, but my excitement was utterly contagious and she gave in:-)  Father Christmas never got around to asking me what I wanted, he was more interested in where I graduated (BYU is the right answer, apparently) and what I was doing with my life.  I'm glad Santa is a supporter of education.  He clearly got around to asking Megs her wishes, as you can see the wheels in her brain turning in her photo. 

The best part may just have been that they thought we were sisters who were sending our photos home to our parents in Ohio.  Precious:-) 

I love Santa.  Do you?

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