Monday, December 5, 2011


Wikipedia tells me, "The unicorn is a legendary animal from European folklore became the most important imaginary animal." 

I am here to tell you that unicorns do exist.  Not in the traditional mythical fashion, but in the dating world.

What is a dating unicorn?  Someone who is everything magical from your first moment meeting.  Someone who embodies the things you have dreamt about and have accepted may not really exist.   

My whole life I have been told and have lived by the creed, "Be everything you want in someone else."  I try my darndest to be the kind of person I would find most attractive and most suitable for an eternity of partnership together.  So when someone tells me to not get my hopes up and not expect a lot?  No way!  I know that I exist, not that I'm the most amazing thing ever or anything - I'm far from, but if I exist, then a man of similar caliber must exist.

And every so often I meet one.  Some of them I never go on a date with.  Heck, some of them I never even encounter again.  But I know they are out there.  I appreciate these little reminders to not give up.

Unicorns do exist. 


S.R. Braddy said...

Have you met one RECENTLY? Because if so, I would like to hear the story :-) said...

If you have met these so called Unicorns, why have you not dated them? And why do you never see them again? Or do you simply turn every Unicorn you meet into one of you posse of male friends?

Larissa said...

Stephen - this blog has been in draft for quite awhile, so no new stories for you.

Gingerstar - I haven't dated them because they don't want to date me - oh the cruel twist of fate:-) I never see them again because, at least in three circumstances I can think of, we go out once or twice and then they marry the next girl they date! No joke! Are any of the illusive unicorns in my posse of male buddies? Nope.