Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Don't Feel Pretty, so Why Pretend?

While flipping back and forth between "Wedding Planner" and "Back to the Future" at the gym on Saturday, I caught a TLC ad for "What Not to Wear" or some like-minded makeover show.

The young lady snapped at the makeover team, "I don't feel pretty, so why pretend?"

I felt so sad for her.  Then I realized I am terribly, all-too-often guilty.  Most of us are.

I think back to ten years ago when I wore baggy jeans and t-shirts almost every day.  Or I *gasp* wore my pajamas out in public.  Why?  I didn't feel pretty, so why wear nice clothes and pretend?

I feel most confident and capable in my gym clothes.  I wear dress clothes 6-7 days per week, but I also wear my gym clothes 6 days per week.  That being said, I am still so self-conscious that, until recently when a friend had a talking-to with me, I wore Large gym shirts when I should have been wearing Smalls.  I literally forced myself to throw out (aka donate) all of my size large gym shirts and all of my "I feel ugly" dress clothes.  I will not give myself excuses.  And I've already caught myself rummaging through my hangers for those large shirts.

Think back on all of those days when you felt "ugly."  Haven't you felt so much better when you have cleaned up, fixed your hair, and put on a nice outfit? I know nothing cheers me up quite like a compliment.  I may not believe the compliment every time, but it sure helps.  Don't let the ugly you feel inside creep outside too.  Stop that beast where it started and slap yourself with a pretty stick. 

Sometimes the thing that makes me feel pretty is actually going to the gym and pushing myself to the sweaty, out-of-breath point of exhaustion.  The equivalent for someone else is anything that puts you in your element.  Perhaps an act of service, singing a song with all your heart, dancing, going for a drive, whatever it is - do it.

You are beautiful and you are definitely worth trying - for yourself and for others.

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