Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Young Frankenstein

What do you do when some of your besties come up to you and excitedly ask, "Do you want to get season tickets with us for Broadway Across America at the Capitol Theater?"
Don't think.  Say, "YES!"

For those of you who don't know, Broadway Across America is the organization that brings us the touring Broadway shows of everything from "Wicked" to "Les Miserables" to "Legally Blonde."

We bought these tickets what seems like forever ago and last night we were finally able to experience our second show - "Young Frankenstein."

I've seen this Mel Brooks show on Broadway, starring the likes of Sutton Foster (my fav!), Roger Bart, Megan Mullally, so I wasn't quite sure if another company could win me over.  Especially considering I will see any show for Sutton Foster or Megan Mullally, but shows with jokes from a man missing a leg and an arm saying something cost him "an arm and a leg" just don't typically tickle my fancy.  Mel Brooks' style is so over-the-top with blatant puns and innuendos thrown in your face - subtlety is non-existent.  "Roll in the Hay," anyone?  I like a pun to be so clever you feel particularly clever yourself if you catch it.  Or just so so so ridiculously cheesy that you can't help but laugh at the person trying to make it funny.  Ends up the humor was more of the latter than I remembered. 

Melissa's favorite part of the show was the character Igor (eye-gore).  Which, consequently, leant itself to my favorite part of the show, which was listening to Melissa laughing at Igor:-)

Jon was dreaming the entire evening of someday playing Dr. Frankenstein - even choreographing his own tap number while we descended the stairs after the show.  The dance numbers in this show are big, impressive, entertaining, and involve real dance - from tap to ballet to my favorite type that is more of a gymnastics endeavor.  If you enjoy *big* Broadway production numbers, you'll enjoy this show.

Chris?  Well, I'm not sure what his favorite part was...the lady in front of us almost laying her head on his knee during the entire show, the couple on a date behind us, trying not to laugh at the innuendos, sitting next to me, or fantasizing about turning into "the monster" with accompanying deep love.

I think a highlight of the evening for all of us was being escorted backstage after the show.  Seeing all of the magic deconstructed back there - the costumes, the props, the sets, the make-up stations, the quick-change areas, standing in the about being on the very cusp of your dreams!  Never, in a million years, did I imagine I'd be part of a circle of people so closely involved with an area of my life that has always fulfilled me more than any other.  I am blessed. 

Three of my biggest blessings? Melissa, Jon, and Chris - I love you all and thanks for another fantastic evening at the theater!


jeff said...

Sounds like it was a good time, BUT, did you get to wait in a McDonald's for your tickets, or see Garry Marshall walk into the women's bathroom? Didn't think so. New York is better.

miss kristen said...

Roll roll roll in ze hay!
i'm right there with you about Mel Brooks. He is just TOO over the top. With that being said..."Young Frankenstein" is one of my FAVORITES.

Too bad I blew my budget on les Mis tickets otherwise I would have loved to see this!
Thanks for the review m'dear. :)

Jon said...

Loved it! So awesome!