Friday, April 8, 2011

What NOT to Say to a Theater Person

It happened again.

I try to control myself.

But it gets me every time.

Some well-intentioned person comes up to me and says, "Oh I'd love to see one of your shows sometime, but life just gets soooo busy, you know?  Keep me posted."


I kept you posted for eight months last year, each show with two - six weeks of performance dates, at least two months in advance every time, and you still couldn't find three hours of your "busy" life to come to a show?  I'm pretty sure you've spent more time telling me you want to come than you would have invested in actually coming.  At this point?  I don't believe you.  If you really wanted to come, you could have planned for it time and time again, no matter how busy your life is.  You think you are busy?  Let's try adding rehearsals from 6-10 every night and who knows how long on Saturdays on top of everything else you are doing.  I feel no sympathy for your "good intentions."  You know to where those pave the road, right?

One more thing not to say?

"So, when are you going to do another show?"

I find most folks around me think that just because you want to be in a show - BAM! you are in a show.  Not just in the show, but with a leading role.  Au contraire.  You actually have to audition, audition again, audition again, callbacks, more callbacks, then the director has to have you in mind in their vision of the show.  The odds of all of that coming together for you?  Not high.

When I respond with, "I'm not sure."

They ask, "Why not?"

I explain.

They pretend to listen and then ask me the exact same question the next week.  Don't ask if you really don't care, people.  And just always know that if I am in a show, you will know. 

End rant.  End over-use of italics.



miss kristen said...

Ha. Luckily I don't hear this. I usually hear the well-intentioned but equally annoying:

"But how did you NOT get that!?"

"Don't worry. Keep trying. You'll get it next time."

Ugh. ALMOST as annoying as the marriage inquiries...almost.

Janell said...

Thanks for the tips :)