Friday, April 22, 2011

Dear Diary: May 26, 1993

Dear Diary,
I have lost 33 pounds and I've kept it off!  I have problems keeping a diary because I'm so busy.  I just started gymnastics in November 1992 and I can do back-handsprings, front-walkovers, back-walkovers, cartwheels on the beam, handstands on beam, back-hip circles on bars, almost front-hip circle on bars, on pars: pullovers, single leg cast squat through, almost cast squat on, sole circle, and lots more!
I weigh 97 pounds and I feel great.  I don't have a crush on any boys.  We got lists in school of 10 people we would be most compadable with.  Guess what?  I'm 65% compadable with Joe L.  Remember him?  I have lots of friends that I know like me but some of course think I act a little weird now and then.  Here they are: (not in order) Tricia S, Trisha C, Alicia M, April B, Jenny C, Kari B, Heidi N, Katie N, Sarah M, Renee P, Amber B, Stacy W, Joanna W, Natasha W, Joan B, Tracy B, Erica C, Tiarra C, Katie I, Katie G, Sarah R, Amanda M, Renee W, Molly R, Nicole W, Kim W, Emily N, Kelli R, Jenny S, Becky T, Nichole R, Katie P, Kelli O, Amy V, Amanda W, Brittany P, Chrissie B, Joy W, Jessica C, Bethany S, Amelia L, Rebecca H, Bethany K, Emily M, Michelle B, Bethany R, and lots more my mind just went blank.
I got contacts.  I hate glasses I've had them since 3rd grade and now I'm in 7th.  I get out of school tomorrow, Yes!!  I've gotten straight A's all year and I have Pre-Algebra!  My teachers are nice this year, and everything seems easier.  Last year I missed the last two weeks of school because of an ear infection.  I am trying out for a baton team and I hope I make it.  Well T.T.F.N., Ta-Ta-For-Now.

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