Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dreams: Britney Spears and Sharks

I haven't shared with you any of my fantastic dreams lately.  How dare I!  We are talking a new epic adventure every night.

A couple of weeks ago, I had a dream that I was watching Britney Spears from the front row of one of her concerts.  This was prior to her new album release, which I didn't even know was happening.  As an on-looker, my reflections indicated I was clearly part of her publicity camp.  She was fit to the max, dancing better than she ever had, and singing her heart out.  I was so proud of her for being back on top and proving the world she can do anything.

Two nights ago, I dreamt of sharks.  Isn't it always the sharks?  We were on a boat, next to a dock.  By "we," I mean a lot of people whom I couldn't begin to identify.  I kept trying to tell everyone that a shark was trying to get us from underneath, but they didn't believe me.  Then, a smaller, about 8-foot shark jumped onto the dock and slid across it like a slip'n'slide.  He couldn't walk on land, but he could jump up to just about anywhere and slide.  He didn't seem too intent on eating any of us for lunch, he was more into the thrill of the chase and scare.  Everyone was screaming and running, but I let this big guy slide right on by me, even jumping over him, because I knew he would have already eaten me if he wanted.

I blame my second dream on this commercial: 

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