Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dear Diary: August 11, 1990

Dear Diary,
New Kids have more fame than ever now.  My favorite is Jordan Knight (cute).  My favorite song is Funny Feeling.  Their song Step by Step was on top for 3 weeks WOW!!  My birthday is in 1 month and 9 days I'm going to have a slumber party.  I have 105 My Little Ponies I love horses I've been collecting since I was 3.  School starts the 28 I can't wait to go and meet new friends and see my old good as gold friends.  Here are my friends in order from 0 to 10 the first six I will invite to my slumber party.  Melissa S, Amelia L, Nicole D, Trisha C, Melissa C, Audra D, Chrissy B, Misty B, Sandy M, Karma K, Kelli R, and Joy W. That's more than 10 but their all good friends.  Joe's fine I don't know he's nice and all but he never pays any attention to me so I'm getting ready to break up with him unless he starts paying attention to me.  I called him and he didn't even know who I was.  Well GOTTA GO


Katie said...

I didn't know the relationship drama stretched back SO far in the past :)

Audra said...

funny funny:)