Friday, April 15, 2011

Coconut Twix

I stopped into a 7-11 the other day and low and behold, taunting me in a fancy display - Coconut Twix! I'm a sucker for trying new flavors of candies. If you wanna know, odds are I've tried it, so go ahead and ask.

What did it taste like?  At first bite, I knew this treat had tickled my taste buds before, but it couldn't be - the flavor is brand new.  After a few hours, pre-sleep relaxation brought to mind the comforting childhood memories of my hidden stash (in the my little pony playhouse) of Girl Scout Cookies.  Ding!  Coconut Twix is a Samoas, only without the shreds of actual coconut..  I'm not a huge fan, although it certainly wasn't bad, I prefer original Twix deliciosity.

Since I'm writing about a new coconut candy, I may as well tell you about the other recent coconut treats I've tried.

Dove is always delicious.  The cream in the middle is divine, but my palate was expecting  real coconut too.  Dove Almonds have these tiny little pieces of almonds instead of whole chunks, which is what I was hoping for with the coconut. 

Tastes like an M&M with a drop of coconut extract.  Not much else to say.

These.  Mmm.  These.  Almond Joy Pieces taste like M&Ms only with actual tiny bits of coconut and almond.  This one is definitely my favorite of the new coconut treats.


And...Go! said...

OH my goodness! I have 5 more days of no more sugar and I think the first thing I want is the COCONUT TWIX!!!

Sheldon said...

I'm telling you, the next big thing should be a coconut snickers bar!