Monday, March 7, 2011

So You've Had a Bad Day

What do you do on a bad day?

My friend, Stephen, posed this question on a recent blog of his.

Over the years, our coping mechanisms change - at least mine have.  As a young child, I would cry, pout, cry, throw mattresses across rooms (at age 8 - what the crazy?!), sing to my cats in the fields outside, play piano and cry some more.  That evolved into talking more, eating more ice cream, writing, seeking out those wiser than myself for advice, seeking solitude and even more crying.  

Now?  I feel a bit like Pooh Bear, "Think, think, think....oh, bother."  I've been contemplating this for five days, carefully paying attention to my moods and actions.

A few weeks ago, I had a bad day.  The next morning, I opened the windows and blinds wide - letting the rejuvenating sun shine into every nook and cranny of my condo -blessings of the natural world baptize my soul with wonder, awe, and appreciation - sunshine is God's cure-all.  I caught up on my reading and cleaning, took a long, hot shower, painted my toenails with glitter polish and made myself pretty for church.  I delivered Smart Cookie sugar cookies to various friends, cheered up a recently un-engaged friend with a get-together, talked with another dear friend for three hours and fell asleep as soon as I hit the pillow.   Two days after, two of the most darling, beautiful girls took me under their wings - we had Five Guys, they bought me two nail polishes, then we went back to their place for an evening of laughing and chatting.

Then there was last week when I was feeling pouty for no apparent reason.  I default to the idea that we are all entitled a few inexplicable pouts every now and again.  My "pouts" are fleeting - no cause for concern.  What made me happy again?  Putting on my comfy gym clothes and sweating it out while listening to my iPod.  Then going home to my sanctuary and seeing my cuddly, purr-machine, poof-tailed kitty waiting for me at the door. 

I guess what it comes down to is being with someone/something I love.  No amount of grumpiness or sorrow I feel can ever outweigh the joy that comes from the love.

What about you?  How do you deal with bad days?


Unknown said...

I have a laugh book. Full of photos, comics, and memories that crack me up no matter how I feel. I just pull it out. I have taken it with me to college, mission, and anytime I am going somewhere I may feel homesick or sad... because I know it will illicit laughter. I can get through anything if I am laughing.

miss kristen said...

A beau!? You haven't said anything about a beau!

Do spill.

It honestly depends on how bad a day I've had. Either way there's almost always venting involved--usually to Mr. Wonderful.