Friday, March 4, 2011

Dad's Pay it Forward Plan

Once upon a time, I was dating someone who thought I spent too much money on other people.  He never spent money on others.  Period.  Me spending any amount was too much.

I went to my father for counsel.  He told me he had promised himself long ago that with every pay check he received, he would do something nice for someone else.  As a result, he blessed the lives of many others, as well as his own.  My father never ceases to reveal new ways for me to look up to him.  Imagine, he had been doing this my entire life and I never knew - what a generous, humble, loving example.

Ever since that conversation with Dad, I've made a concerted effort to do something nice for someone else with every pay check I receive.  Ends up something nice for someone else is always something nice for me too:-) 

I challenge you to do the same, no matter how much or how little you have. 


Unknown said...

When I worked for the Shakespeare Festival, a patron would tip me upwards of $100 and asked only that I gave half of it away without telling them where I had gotten the money each time. It created so many unbelievable experiences for me to see when I wasn't able to provide that kind of cash help myself. Still to this day each summer, we plan our trips to the festival at the same time so he and I can do it again. It is the funnest thing ever, and makes my heart sing sing sing.

Julie said...

That movie was on at the gym the other day. Still haven't seen it in it's entirety, but the concept is incredible. Makes each day a little more full when you conciously choose to help someone.

S.R. Braddy said...

SUCH a good use of money. I wish I had the courage to do that.

Anonymous said...

When Will & I got married, he suggested we keep $50 in a "giving envelope" When we see someone in need, or just feel inspired to spend it on someone, we have it there to give, and then the next month we replenish it.

Last month I was waiting in line at WinCo when the guy in front of me who didn't realize they don't take credit cards was stammering for a way to pay for his groceries. At first I thought how embarrassing that must be and then remembered our $50. I asked how much his groceries were and he said $35. I immediately said oh, I can pay for that and pulled out the cash to cover his groceries. He just stared at me and asked "really?" as I handed the cash to the clerk. He stared at me the entire time I checked out and then I said to him "just pay it forward sometime" In a very sure voice he said he definitely would and finally left with his groceries.

I was so happy that we had the money set aside for such a moment as this so that I could give without going over my household budget.

Larissa said...

Debbie - your story is amazing! I love it! He will never, ever forget.
Melissa - How awesome that you to conspire together in generosity.
I just love the little things we can all do for each other that can chance a life, truly!

Shayla said...

What a cool dad