Monday, March 28, 2011


Is it not totally annoying to the male species that women are attracted to glitter and all things sparkly for some as-of-yet-unknown reason?

I admit, I see a sparkle and my eyes automatically fixate on the source.  I even enjoy walking on sidewalks more that have glittery specks in them. 

Recently, a friend told me that I sparkle.  Immediately, my thoughts went to my outfit and I thought, "But I'm not wearing any bling!"  Okay, not really, I do not have the word "bling" in my spoken's just too....too...yeah...anyway.

I realized she was referring to me as a person, me in general.  How sweet is this?  And now I don't ever have to worry about accessorizing!



Amy said...

It's True! said...

Best compliment, ever!

Miss Megan said...

You really DO sparkle! You can see the light shining out of your eyes and everything you do! It's no wonder we're all attracted to your light!