Saturday, March 5, 2011


Recently I have felt this need to shed pretty much anything of excess or old - clothes, fat cells, pillows, bedding, cleaning supplies, junk drawers - you name it.

I've donated and thrown away bags of things.  Given that I am practically soul sister's with Monica from Friends, I didn't think I even had bags of things to spare.

I feel fresh, new, alive, rejuvenated.  I highly recommend shedding.


Unknown said...

This inspired me and I got rid of 75 clothing items. :) That felt good.

Larissa said...

This is awesome!!!
Glad I could inspire you - 75 is a TON! Granted, some of them probably just don't fit you anymore. YEAH FOR HEALTH!
I also went through my cupboards and freezer this week and got rid of all the old food...I had no idea I had half the stuff. I learned that, whilst I am single, "Stock piling" is not a good option.