Monday, March 14, 2011

Past and Future for my Dizzy Dandelion

My darling Megan S. tagged me in a post.  The thing is, I know when someone "tags" me for something now, that means they truly desire I complete the task and have the faith that I will do it.  Dagnabbit.  ;-)  This one goes out to you, Dizzy Dandelion.

20 years ago......
1: In 5th grade and I wrote the words for my spelling tests on the inside of my desk so I could cheat if I needed to, but I don't remember that I ever actually did...hmm...
2:  Did my last "beginning level" baton routine to "I Got the Sun in the Mornin' and the Moon at Night" 
3: My family drove the mini RV from Ohio across the plains on a three-week "Out West" road trip

10 years ago......
1: I was living in Pinegar apartments south of BYU campus with Katie, Wendy, Jenn, Krissy, and Robyn - when Robyn/Wendy moved out, Piggy and B moved in 
2: Decided my major with BYU would definitely be Public Relations/Communications - and they decided to let me into the program
3: I got to play the part of "Lola" in our Copacabana selections for Music Warehouse - singing with back up by at least 60 other girls was exhilarating

5 years ago.......
1: I worked with a medical technology and pharmaceutical consulting firm - my second "big person" job
2: I lived with my sissy and Tanisha, awesome Jeanette lived downstairs. Sissy was the best roommate and friend I have ever had and Tanisha blessed my life in an unparalleled way with my little Conor kitty when she let me adopt her
3: I saw Jersey Boys twice from the first row and almost knocked myself out when I hit my head on the set

3 years ago......
1: I was getting ready to move to my first "big girl" condo all by myself in Salt Lake b/c my sissy was leaving me to move back home to Ohio, so no reason to commute from Provo to SLC any longer
2: Started working at my current place of employment and got to travel the US.
3: Met a whole bunch of some of my dearest friends - Megan, Julie, Julie-Ann, Shayla, Leah, Chels, Colleen, Kelly, Chops, James, Dallas, Jon, Sondi, Mel, B.J., etc. etc. etc. - I even met my Dizzy Dandelion this time three years ago, but we never officially met until we did 1940s Radio Hour together

1 year ago.......
1: Performed in three lead roles - Kim in Bye Bye Birdie (one of my dream roles), Gloria Thorpe in Damn Yankees,  and Ginger Brooks in 1940s Radio Hour
2: Arranged a trip of 20 + friends to go to NYC, then I went there again with my sissy for Thanksgiving
3: Finished a nutrition plan that made me the healthiest I'd ever been in my life.

This year so far......
1: Taken a long-needed break from performing, but getting very antsy to get back out there
2: Took a trip home to Ohio for quality family time
3: Tried Zumba - the mating-call/thrusting/gyrating workout

1: Spent time with my family in Ohio (nephew's b-day party, games, family time, up til 1am talking with my lil sis:-)  Priceless
2: Partook of Skyline Chili coney dogs.  Mmmmm.  Those puppies are welcome in my belly any time
3: Laughed with my family.  All. Day. Long.

1: Flew back to Utah from Ohio
2: Decided people think I am much more independent and need much less attention/affection than I actually do need
3: Successfully caught up at the office after being out for a day and a half

1: Visit Gym
2: Read a book or a magazine...whatever sounds best
3: Laugh at least three times

In the Next Year.......
1: Go to NYC (copy Megan here)
2: Play another of my dream roles onstage (copy Megan here)
3: Hopefully have so much success with my product at work that I get my own department under my control

I am not tagging anyone, but if you re-post this, you have to let me know!


Julie said...

You had to put in gyrating in there, didn't you?!?!
And I'd take a skyline/gold star coney any ol' day.

Miss Megan said...

Yaaaay! Thank you for doing this, darling Larissa. I confess, one of the reasons I chose you was because I knew you were more likely to follow through than many of my other blogging friends. I love reading about how much you've changed and what you've done!

BTW, I dreamed last night I was riding on a bus through NYC, and I had to break into my hotel room... which turned out not to be my room. Can you believe we'll be there in less than 2 months! Hooray!!

Shayla said...

Yay I made your blog!!!! But I think you're confused on where you went on Monday...

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