Friday, March 18, 2011

The Dolphin Suite

I had no idea my trip home to Ohio last weekend would have provided me with such a wealth of material.  Unfortunately, I'll have to save the chili pepper kitchen and Dad's awesome workout clothes for another visit.  I just couldn't pull myself out of bed at 4am to snap a photo of him.

I present to you, the Dolphin Suite.

My mother's passion for dolphins began on our '95 Mexican cruise.  And has turned into her very own themed bedroom, all-inclusive with wall mural, toilet seat cover, shower curtain, bed clothes, nightstands, lamps, and - oh, what's that hanging from the ceiling in this first picture?  You guessed it, a ceiling fan pull, dolphin-style.  And no tour of the suite would be complete without a sighting of its most frequent inhabitant.  Behold, my mother, preparing for a race in her sleep.  Shhhh - don't tell;-)

See the post-it on the cabinet?  That's Dad and Mom writing love notes to each other:-)


miss kristen said...

You would be my dead daughter if I found out you snapped a picture of me like that...

Larissa said...

a. she doesn't read my blog
b. the photo is blurry
c. if she ever did see it, she'd say, "Oh Riss...." and nod her head:-) We think things like this are funny in my fam!

Elizabeth said...

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