Tuesday, March 1, 2011

One Buff "Old Man"

Check out this text I received from almost 61-year old Daddy-o yesterday:

Here is my February report: I ran 151 miles including 2 half-marathons on February 21 & 26.  I walked 19.25 miles and lifted weights for 20 hours.  It was a good month.

I wrote back, "Congratulations, Dad!  You are an animal!"

But really, can you believe this?!  He starts his day at the gym by 4am every morning.  Who is this man?!?

I reiterate my statement - my parents are great examples for me in more ways than I can list.  I can only dream I'm able to someday be as great of an example for those I love.  Minus the totally awesome outfit Dad wears to the gym - I'll have to sneak a picture of that it for you when I'm home in a couple weeks.  Be excited - it will rock your world:-)

Riding the Provo River Trail back in '07 when Mom and Pop visited after Brit's graduation


Anna said...

before my dad had a stroke last year, he was mountain biking 5 days a week. (wearing jeans :)

i love dads :)

Larissa said...

Eeek! I hope my Daddy doesn't have a stroke. Then again, he doesn't sit down with trashbags full of popcorn;-) Is yours okay?