Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Momma Says

My mother and I were talking when I was home.

You know how the parents of single people are always expressing, "I wish you could find someone to make you happy?"  Or at least something to that effect?

My mom actually expressed to me something quite different.  She said she knew I didn't need someone to make me happy, that she didn't worry a bit about me being happy when I am off being single doing my happy single-girl things.

What does make her worry is when I am in a relationship.  She says she worries because I have had to learn and work so hard towards being happy single that now she feels I can't seem to find happiness/let myself be happy when I am not single.

Isn't that a change of pace from what I expected.  And reality can hurt.  I often lament about those wonderful women who can't seem to be happy outside of a relationship.  But isn't my predicament just as woe-inducing?

I hereby make it a quest to achieve the same level of happiness whether I am in or out of a relationship.  To love more unconditionally those who deserve my love.  Life is absolutely amazing.  I do want to share my life with someone, making both of our lives even more amazing.  I am happy single, but I don't want to be alone forever.

Have any of you ever found yourselves in this predicament?


Willem said...

My Mom doesn`t seem to be bothered about my relationship status which is a blessing, she won`t say anything but makes it known when she disapproves of my choices .
Not all people are meant to be in a relationship this is advice i got from a woman who has been married twice and i`m starting to believe it.
I`m lucky i guess i don`t care about being alone but friends of mine are the opposite.

Jon said...

I think this totally applies to me. I AM happy as a single. And why not? Any issue that comes up, I always see eye to eye with myself. I know how to deal with my emotions, and I'm rarely, if ever, unhappy.

Those luxuries disappear with a relationship. I'm sure that accounts for part of my fear of commitment.

Anna said...

I saw this post a few days ago and didnt have time to add.
I was VERY happy single. And I was good at being single.
When I met my husband and started dating him I "broke up" with him twice. Even though we all want to find an eternal love doesn't make accepting that easy. Even great things take adjustment. It took me a little while to give up my great/happy single life for something that turned out to be wonderful and so very happy. Not easy, but so worth the sacrifice.

good luck in the future my dear, you are fantastic!! hope happiness in a relationship is found!!