Friday, March 4, 2011

Search Terms v3

'Tis time once again to present you all with some of my favorite laugh-inducing/intriguing Google Analytics search terms that have lead people to my blog.  Enjoy!

  • Larissa is weird
  • Larissa is ugly
  • Larissa weird and ugly
  • I hate Larissa
  • January donut cakes
  • Playful slap taken wrong way
  • I wet the bed
  • How do I help my best friend whom I just rejected realize that life goes on
  • Intellectual stimulation for Virgo
  • Oatmeal sneeze
  • Pictures of a killer whale eating a person
  • What do killer whales smell like
  • Buff Old Man
  • I know he wants me but he won't make a move-baby-marry-marriage-husband-ex-God-Jesus


Willem said...

I came across your site when i put in a search for 35 year old virgin, i guess that brings up a couple of questions lol.

Shayla said...

And...shayla sandy. ;)