Friday, October 15, 2010

Dreams: Ugly Babies

The other night I had a dream. I recalled this dream upon seeing a photo of a baby. Nightmare, maybe?

In this dream, I was having a baby. Now, for those of you who know me, you know that having a baby is not something that ever occupies my thoughts. Perhaps someday, not now.

I was not married. My mother and sisters were there and not judgmental in the slightest, but I knew my mother was disappointed in me for getting pregnant out of wedlock. Maybe TMI, but funny, so I shall mention I remember thinking there hadn't been more than eight occurrences and how did that happen and what a huge mistake.

I didn't experience labor in this dream, just laying there on a bed waiting for them to hand me the baby. What a creature it was. Let's talk about really hideously ugly with a long pointy nose. I thought, "But his daddy was so handsome, how did this happen?" Then the kicker, the baby laughed when he was 5 minutes old, then said a word when he was just a few hours old, "Chocolate." I responded by looking at my sister and saying, "uh...did you hear that? Is he supposed to say that?" I can't recall the time frame, but the baby started growing up very quickly - ages 1 minute to 2 years happened in about 20 minutes, he started walking and talking. I was totally creeped out by this little creature and thought, "Mothers all think their babies are adorable and beautiful, but I'm going to admit right now I am so disappointed in this baby's looks. How can a mother not know when her child is ugly? Cause this one is hideously ugly, wrinkly, looks like an old man...and is creepy."

Flash forward in the dream a few months. I'd woken up from a nap and my mother was babysitting and she handed him back to me. The joy! The baby had grown pretty! I said to him, "I am so happy, your parents are both beautiful and I knew you would become attractive!"

I did watch "Glee" right before bed, which could bring about this mild state of psychosis, however, w-o-w. I'm disturbed.

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