Sunday, October 17, 2010

Burnt Hair

Burnt hair has this acrid, putrid smell that belongs only in the bog of eternal stench. (name the movie)
Monday evening I was attacked by a malicious curling iron, it clamped upon my hair in a heated rage.
My poor, damaged straggler hairs framing my face never saw it coming. They shriveled up and snapped off and the rest of my hairs mourned in remembrance by emitting the burnt smell throughout the evening.
And apparently hair smells burnt again upon being washed.
As if the trauma in and of itself wasn't enough - I have to walk around with my olfactory senses cringing at the constant reminder of the tragedy that befell my head those few short days ago...

1 comment:

Heidi said...

First off: Labrynth

Second: Hun I would've never known you were missing any amount of your gorgeous hair. If anything, no one was even looking at your hair because they couldn't get past that stunningly beautiful face of yours. Girl, you always have it going on! Even if you don't have all your hair.