Monday, October 11, 2010

Repeat Offender

I was recently thinking back about this young man I once dated.
We went on dates for a few weeks and he asked me to be his girlfriend. I realized there was no one else I was particularly interested in dating, so I told him just that and he became the boyfriend.
That was on a Sunday.
The very next Friday night, a mere five days later, he broke up with me.
The very next Saturday morning he came over to break up with me again. What was this? A two for one special?
About a month later he started asking me to do things again and please don't ask me what this dumb girl was thinking because I was suckered into it.
He courted me for a few more weeks and then I went on a long trip.
When I returned he avoided me like the plague. Ok, message sent and received. Immature, but point taken.
Then he called to talk well after the time it was clear he no longer desired my company.
And he begged me to let him come over... so he could break up with me a third time.

Seriously? Who does that?


Jon said...

I think the worst part is that you missed him so much on your trip that it was hard to enjoy yourself.

Larissa said...

The worst part is that I was that stupid, Jon. Admit it;-)