Sunday, October 10, 2010

1940s Radio Hour

I am excited to announce I will be playing the part of Ginger Brooks in a hilarious, charming musical about a New York City Radio Station during Christmas of 1942. The show is full of 1940s music and dancing - right up my alley!

So who is Ginger? I love this character description! I have always wanted to play the "sexy one," and now I get to try my acting chops at it! I honestly did not even know I was up for this role. I heard the part of the young, innocent one was cast and figured I was out of luck.

Ginger is the bubble-headed waitress-turned-star discovery of Lou's who found her in a restaurant where she still works and conned Clifton into signing her on. Caricatured but the parody is her own. Leads with her lower lip like Betty Boop. Pinup, Betty Grable look. She rehearses in a slip. Chews gum but takes it out of her mouth and holds it while she's performing. When she's sitting and her legs are crossed, and she's not adjusting the seams in her stockings, she wiggles her foot back and forth. Always moving. Has the biggest Keane blue eyes in history. Has a cab driver boyfriend named Bruno. Gets away with murder. Acts as Connie's big sister. Speaks with a Gracie Allen vacancy. Her makeup is as important as the War and is always "thick and perfect."

When I called my parents to share the good news with them, my mother didn't even tell me congratulations. All she said was, "This doesn't interfere with you coming home for Christmas does it?" lol.

Performances: Dec. 1 (preview), 2, 3,4,6, 9, 13, 14, 17, 18 at Midvale Performing Arts center on behalf of West Jordan city and Sugar Factory Playhouse.

See you there!

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