Monday, October 25, 2010

Dreams: Driving

I've been having an alarming amount of dreams involving driving lately.

Saturday night I was driving up a road that went straight up. I drove with the pedal to the metal and then all of a sudden freaked out near the top. I backed half-way down, whereupon my "mentor" (aka, some old dude) tried to encourage me to just go for it, that I do it all the time. I was scared out of my gourd - who drives on a road that goes straight up and then kinda curves backwards towards the top? In my dream there was some physics reason why this worked. Random.

Sunday night I was driving at top speed down curvy roads to keep up with a friend of mine when all of a sudden I hit thick, dense, impenetrable fog.

I wonder what these mean? Ideas?

Update: Night of 10/26 I had a dream that I was driving along the highway and this crazy driver was passing everyone and I thought, "That isn't safe." Next thing I knew, he was sliding out of control, barely missing my car, hit the tail end of a pick-up, then starting flipping down the highway. I watched the catastrophe in my rear-view. The pick-up was the only vehicle damaged and no injuries. I have no idea why I keep having these dreams.


Brent & Andrea said...

Whoa, I had a very similar dream about the road going straight up. Maybe it's telling us not to hesitate, but to go full strength for the things (goals) we want.

Julie said...

My friend Chad texted me about a dream including me...we were driving off a cliff, and everyone died, except me. What do you think that means?