Monday, October 18, 2010

Two Extremes

One of my friends wrote a blog that got me thinking.

She was debating about how she's certain she wasn't making up signs a young man was sending her way, but now questions her sanity.

I've realized that in my dating history, and let's make clear I am trying to keep these tendencies in that history and not carry them into future relationships with me, I have struggled to find the balance between two extremes:

1. Seeing things that aren't there
2. Brushing off things that are

Some men move verrrrry slowly and give off the same vibe as ones who aren't interested. So which one is it? How can I properly invest myself to show or not show interest? No one can answer that question for another because the balance is different for each person - for me, the solution is typically patience and calmness. I about flip my lid when people try to over-generalize relationship situations.

I'm trying to roll with the punches and to not make mountains out of mole hills or vice versa. As an analyzer and a lover of mysteries for as far back as I remember, I'm always trying to "get to the bottom of things." Romantic intentions are, however, a mystery that I'm quite sure will never be solved.

I suppose in the end it all doesn't matter. The Lord isn't going to say, "Ha ha ha. You asked him to do something one week too soon after he asked you out, so you are alone forever," or, "Oops - you sent one stupid text, you are done for!" or "He loved you and you broke his heart to figure out things in your own life - eternal solitude for you!"

And as I type all of this, I have a smile on my face in spite of any confusion. Why? I love life! I know great things are in store.


S.R. Braddy said...

I saw this today and thought of some of the conversations we've had:

Larissa said...

Although, I have to admit, I love when I can bond with someone over music. :-) I love the cynicism of that comic though - good one! Thanks for sharing!

miss kristen said...

Oh larissa. I WISH I could take your approach and NOT over analyze everything... *sigh*

Heidi said...

Larissa, I just love you!

Dashbo said...

It is a little known fact that I have discovered the secrets of successful dating. It is little-known because I don't do anything about it. But hey, good luck with that on your end :)