Thursday, October 7, 2010


I didn't do shows for about 7 years, mostly because I felt that, even though Ohio accepted me, I wasn't good enough for the Utah over-saturated-with-over-achieving-talent scene.
Last spring ('09), my darling Leah convinced me to audition for a couple of shows with her (2 shows in 1 audition? sure!)

And you know what? They liked me! And I've been hooked ever since. Not only hooked, but extremely blessed. I've been reflecting on just how blessed as of late.

Audition 1 - Callbacks, wanted for a role but direct knew audition 2 had first dibs on me
Audition 2 - Callbacks, offered a lead role
Audition 3 - Callbacks, but had decided I wanted to be in show of Audition 4
Audition 4 - Offered a lead role without even having callbacks
Audition 5 - Callbacks, offered small role, I respectfully declined
Audition 6 - Callbacks, I respectfully declined the callback due to accepting role from audition 7
Audition 7 - Callbacks, offered a lead role
Audition 8 - Callbacks, offered a lead role
Audition 9 - Callbacks, ensemble - no thanks - I promised myself I'd take a break if not a lead

I truly feel I've had more than my fair share of luck. A 9 for 9 callback record? Offered lead roles in 5 of the 9 (5 of 8 if only counting callbacks I went to)? I am overwhelmed with gratitude for being able to continually do something I love, something that fulfills me and makes me entirely happy. The world is full of surprises and I am good enough!

So why am I so upset about not being offered a role for the latest audition? I know it had absolutely nothing to do with talent in this situation - I simply didn't fit what the director was looking for for the one part my looks fit. I may or may not have have been as talented as those offered other roles, but my age and look and color don't fit. What can you do? But still. *sigh* I guess being rejected never is easy. And this does free me up to audition for a show at a higher-quality theater where I would actually love to accept a chorus role, but that is a month or two away. Until then I'll just relax:-)

Now...what exactly is relaxing and how does one do this....hmmmm???

*Update* 10/10
Looks like I DID get a part, I just somehow missed that I had to call a number instead of them calling me. How blessed can I possibly be? 6/9 (6/8 if you count callbacks I actually went to)!!!


S.R. Braddy said...

What'd you audition for?

Heidi said...

When you figure out how to relax, let me in on the secret. It's just not in my biological make up.