Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Receiving Line Comments: Damn Yankees

The run of Damn Yankees has officially ended. I'm a little more relieved than I should be. The show has been challenging for all of us - we've all been sick at least once, most of us two or three times, we've all been exhausted, we've all had to muster all the energy we could to perform for audiences that we sometimes swore were in comas, the list goes on. Above all though, we had a lot of fun playing together and performing.

The thought of not seeing the cast members three times per week is disheartening. More so than friends, my cast becomes my family for a short time - my little Empress family. I am constantly amazed with the heart's ability to expand and lovingly welcome these folks and from such diverse extremes. They've become my dear friends, my laughter, my support.

What's a gal to fill her time with now? Heaven forbid I actually am able to go to parties with my long-time friends or go on real dates.

Back to the original purpose of this post.

After the show we all get to file out the door and thank the audience members for coming as they head home.
I receive quite a few remarks and thought I'd share some of my favorites, because they amuse me for one reason or another or bring about the warm fuzzies.

Mostly we just got a lot of, "Great show!" comments. I was hoping for more random and slightly awkward comments when I first started keeping track of these. Enjoy!

"Boy you must have to channel a lot of anger."
"You are darling."
The child didn't say anything to me - she greeted everyone else then hid in her mother's leg when she got to me. Hm?
"That must be a very difficult role to play." (Trying to think of something to say but don't have a compliment, eh?)
"You insult his manhood in such a classy way that I wasn't even offended."
"Please tell me you are playing X role in X (Upcoming production) - you would be so perfect for the part!"
"Great projection."
"Classic reporter."
"If I had a reporter, I would want you on my side!"
"Such a tiny waist." (?!?)
"I'd have cried over that outfit, too."

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