Monday, October 4, 2010


Not only is Vertigo the name of a truly delectable Hitchcock film, but it is also the diagnosis of the current illness I am experiencing.

Vertigo is basically being dizzy - where your body thinks you are moving, especially your eyes, even when you are sitting on your duff. How did I get it? No idea. Doc said little virus's can cause it and it usually goes away in a couple of days.

Let's talk about the nausea that causes...or not, too painful of a memory and I don't want it to think I like it and return because I'm talking about it.

But let's talk about how frightening it is when you awake with your world spinning and have no idea what the cause is. I had two wonderful young men come and give me a blessing, then one helped me make my way to instacare since I was in no condition to drive.

I found the most intriguing thing the doctor shared was that when I tried to focus my eyes on one spot, they would shake back and forth because my body thought I was still moving. So strange.

I was given a magical bum shot, which cleared my nausea and knocked me out within 15 minutes. Then I was pretty much a couch decoration the rest of the day.

In case you are wondering, I recommend the movie, not the illness.


Jon said...

Hehe! Magical bum shot...

Satia said...

Technically, vertigo is not an illness. It's "just a symptom" but, as you know, calling vertigo "just a symptom" is like saying a tsunam is just a wave.

I'm sorry for your experience and hope you feel better soon. A shot? In the bum? I wish I were that lucky! Magic or not, it would have been a relief even if I ended up sitting on the couch all day.

(And I recommend the movie over the experience as well. And after you watch Vertigo watch 12 Monkeys. But wait until the symptom passes because watching vertigo inducing movies while feeling dizzy already is not fun.)

jeff said...

I'm trying hard to resist the urge to make a "Rear Window" joke.