Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hearts and Kisses


What is that symbol to you?

I always thought it was a kissy face. Can't you see it? The mouth and puckered lips?

I've recently been informed it is a heart.

Uhh...yeah, it is so a kissy face.


Janell said...

<3 = heart

:* or =* or ^*^ = kissy face

Larissa said...

Those look like crying faces to me! I may be a crying face cause I don't have kissy face, but this is all just so confusing!

Heidi said...

I actually first thought <3 was someone mooning you. ~You can see it now right? I find this cryptic way of talking through punctuation to be silly in nature. How lazy can we be that we can't type out exactly what we are trying to say. But then, I find myself in a hurry trying to text someone before the movie starts and I fall into the same cryptic trap. I even made one up myself. gig Tell me if you figure it out. (It's not that hard.)

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't know, always taught that kissing was sinful. :)