Monday, March 19, 2012

Momma's Boys

I haven't lived near my family in 13.5 years.

I don't understand what it is like to have a family member close that you can call on for anything.  I haven't had my mommy close for 13.5 years.  My friends are my family - the ones I spend time with and rely on and look to for support.

I want to be that person for all of my friends.  Especially, I want to be the girl that the man she is dating will just know, after an intense day of work, I'll take care of him. Whatever it is he needs - a good cuddle, a good meal, a good conversation - I want to be there.

The thing is...

Most guys around here have mothers.

And most of those mothers, naturally, do for those boys exactly what I want to do for them (minus the smooching/cuddles, that'd be mega-gross).  And most of those boys are good sons and make time to spend with their momma's.  Which means not only do I not get to do the sweet things for them, I also don't get the time with them either.

So where does that leave me?  What's a girl to do?


miss kristen said...

Simple. Stop dating momma's boys.

For me there's a very fine line between having a good relationship with your momma and being a momma's boy.

I dated a momma's boy once--it wasn't good. There comes a time when he should want to talk to you about his bad day before he runs to mommy...

I'm sorry...after my bad experience with my momma's boy it put an all-around bad taste in my mouth for all momma's boys.

Love and respect the woman who gave you birth? YES! Still run to her with every little problem in your life? No thanks.

Amy said...

Siiiiigh mommas boys...*facepalm*
Yes to Kristen.
There were some signs that my hunka hunka burning love was a momma AND daddy's boy when we were dating and it caused some issues,(whew don't get me started I'm still bitter and hope I will get over it someday) luckily it wasn't deep-seeded enough to continue throughout our marriage. He knows going to them instead of me does nothing but cause more problems. Maybe because I was so vocal about it to him when i realized it was happening? And also he wanted to be his own person. Thank goodness. Maybe many guys are that way because
its easy and they haven't experienced another way yet. Maybe they need a kind, comforting potential wife to show them the way? I would say talk to them about it and if it still persists cut the ties from them. Cut the ties! Unless you are someone who gets over things easily. Apparently I don't....:)
P.s. I still feel a bit of resentment from my MiL that she isn't the number one lady in his life. I pray I won't be that type of mother or MiL ...