Monday, March 5, 2012

Things to Never Text a Married Man

I present to you an actual textchange I had last week.

"Hey Larissa, this is your director.  I hope the blocking worked better!  Especially with the "grab."  Thanks for your great work!"

"Thank you so much for your msg last night!  I feel so much better about the blocking of the grab and the kiss.  Thank you!"

"All I saw was 'Thank you so much for last night' and hoped my wife didn't read that."

"Lol! I realize how strange that sounded after I wrote it.  Put that on a list of things to never text a married man!"


S.R. Braddy said...

You can block my grab and kiss any day :-) said...

That's awesome!

Aaron said...

Scandalous!!! hahaha

Bekah said...

ha ha!!! umm.... this was funny to read. You know why, and it's not because of the married man.

Love you!