Friday, March 16, 2012

Girls and Hair Trauma

Have you ever noticed, that when a girl does something drastic to her hair - a significant cut or color change - the first question most people ask is something along the lines of, "So what happened?"

I have more friends than I can count to whom a hair makeover indicates something traumatic has occurred.  If you ask the above question you are likely to get an answer such as, "I was having a hard time with a (breakup, job, family, weight).  My hair is the one thing I can control and/or new hair makes me feel like a new person."

Ladies - are you guilty?  Why do you change your hair?


Shelli said...

I love doing drastic things to my hair. I go from blonde to near-black; grow it out as long as I can and then chop it off to as short as possible; add purple or red tones to it; etc.

It never has anything to do with trauma. It's just exciting to do something different. And I've never had anyone ask, "What happened?"

miss kristen said...

Nope. All my biggest style regrets were makeovers triggered by trauma.

I'm not at all opposed to change, but now it comes after careful consideration and weighing of pros and cons. said...

Yes, I do this frequently. Though I admit, I am not afraid of change at all when it comes to my hair. Like Shelli, I have had long hair, blonde hair, short hair, purple streaks, bangs, bright red hair, platinum hair, dark brown hair.

I don't think it's necessarily accurate to say that it coinsides with "trauma". But I definately do it when I am ready to experience a life change, or move on to something bigger or better.

Miss Megan said...

Haha! You have the BEST timing! I totally had my hair done yesterday, just because it's been awhile and I wanted my roots to match my ends a bit more. I decided to put a little red in there, and I'm not sure I like the end result. Fortunately, I don't hate it, and it's not THAT big a change. Nobody even noticed last night until I said something.

Usually I only change my hair when I'm bored with it as is and need something different. Never because of a break-up or anything.

I HAVE gotten negative responses to hairstyles, but I don't think they've ever assumed something was wrong. I so rarely change anything they're usually more distracted by the new style itself than the reason.

Lisa said...

I just had my hair cut and am donating the 10 inches to Locks of Love. Pretty much the only reason I get my hair cut.

Amy said...

I just darkened my hair too! Haha! And actually one of my kiddos asked me why I was always changing it . I told them "because I can!" For years I rarely did anything with it, but when my beautician sister moved nearby I was all too happy to trade babysitting for colors and cuts. I was trying to think if my desire to change was ever related trauma or big events and yes I admit sometimes it was. One time ,deep down, I didn't want to be recognizable. Generally though I just enjoy the change .

Does this mean you, my dear , are contemplating a change?? :)